Preparation for CACD 2023

Week of June 27th to week of September 16th 2022 [12 weeks]. With a revision week – no new material – in the last week of July.

Course content:
There is a weekly 2-hour zoom class and substantial homework. If you are unable or unwilling to attend the zoom session, you can watch a recording of the class or simply do the course as a distance remote learner by sending the homework exercises.

Practice exercises and suggestions on technique are given for CACD Phase 1 [TPS] and Phase 2 [Composition, Translation from and into English and Summary-writing].

Compositions, Translations into English and Summaries are corrected individually and graded. TPS exercises and Translations into Portuguese are discussed in class using model answers.

To see the kind of work we do, follow this link

Students who have studied with us in 2022 will have priority for registration and will receive an invitation via email.

If you are waiting for the final results of CACD 2022, feel free to register provisionally if you want to continue to work on your English. You can cancel your registration – and we will all celebrate – if you pass.

New students:
Registrations for new students are on hold until everyone on the waiting list has been contacted.
If you are on the waiting list, we will contact you when a place comes up. The waiting list does not apply only to the next course – we keep your name on it until you get a place or ask to be removed from it. If you wish to join the waiting list, do the placement test and send it as a MS-Word file to Profa. Susie

Zoom class times
Group A: Monday evenings 19:10-21:00
Group C: Thursday mornings 8:30-10:20
Group D: Thursday mornings 10:40-12:30
Group F: Monday afternoons 15:40-17:30
Group G: Tuesday mornings 10:15-12:05

Cost of the course

Total of R$1650  in 3 payments of R$550 each at the start of the course and on July 15th and August 15th, or a single discount payment of R$1600 at the start of the course.

Registrations for new students are on hold until everyone on the waiting list has been contacted.
Current students will receive a link via email. 


For those who enjoy reading and discussing Literature in English.


A group of mature students who meet once a week to maintain their fluency and develop their vocabulary.