Sara Walker's Special English Courses

SW Special English courses (founded 1997) is a small consultancy company offering select advanced English training for candidates for the Brazilian Diplomatic Service (Instituto Rio Branco- CACD) and professionals working in the field of international relations. We also have two extension courses, for those who enjoy Advanced Conversation and/or Literature

In addition, we carry out teacher training and consultancy work for the British Council, Banco do Brasil, SA, and other organisations.





CACD date change

The date of CACD Phase 1 TPS is now July 31st- an extra week for you to work on our Self-Study Pack for TPS- click here.

Classes for phase 3

Monday August 1st- Groups F and A- teachers available at 15:40-17:30 for  a Clear up your doubts session with Profa Sara and Prof Peter.  
Homework on the website.
Tuesday August 2nd onwards: normal classes for all Groups.
Our students in the bimester August 1st-September 18th can ask for free advice for their Phase 3 English appeal.

English for CACD

Preparation for TPS- self-study packs available [Price R$250]. Preparation for Phase 3 English starts in the week of August 1st. Come and join us!

Teachers for 2016

Sara Walker
Susie Casement Moreira
Peter Leamy
Alexandra da Costa

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